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Asset Recovery

What We Do

Two Eight Tech Solutions understands the need to keep both internal and external systems up to date. We understand that this task is not as simple as it sounds. It is expensive and time-consuming, and formulating strategies to help offset these drawbacks can only serve to complicate things even further.

To counter this dilemma, we employ Responsible Recovery Programs to take out both the hard work and guesswork involved in digital infrastructure management. Two Eight Tech Solutions will provide a foundation for a sustainable, eco-friendly asset strategy that maximizes the return on refreshed components through the remarketing, reselling, and recycling of IT equipment.

We’ll handle the intricacies of your asset chain by providing your organization with an industry-certified process that’s traceable, sustainable, and most importantly, profitable.

Responsible Recovery

  • Maximize value recovery

  • Maximize cashflow through a circular economy

  • Comply with industry standards, environmental regulations, and data security


Assets that arrive in our facilities are meticulously tracked with our proprietary software (as per industry certifications) and protected by industry-leading security. All assets are recorded into our database and sorted according to :

  • Asset Category

  • Manufacturer

  • Part Number

  • Serial Number

  • Configuration (if applicable)


  • Maintain your environmental responsibility through eco-friendly processes and procedures.


Data Center Decommision

Maintain compliance with environmental regulations without compromising corporate data when retiring old data centers assets.


Data Security

  • Protect your company’s data from unauthorized access and malicious influence. Thorough data destruction protocols will ensure all obsolete data storage units will be wiped clean before they are remarketed.

Asset Management

Maximize the returns on your obsolete and EOL components with detailed evaluation and thorough assessments.

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