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Comprehensive IT Asset Management

In today’s digital world, IT assets have become even more valuable than physical assets. Two Eight Tech Solutions knows how critical it is to employ the best practices in every area of IT Asset Management including asset discovery, monitoring, policies, security, metrics, and reporting.

Benefits of Asset Management

Two Eight Tech Solutions implements efficient asset management that keeps security risks low. We ensure better data security and software compliance. We track trends in asset life cycles and identify areas where time and money can be better utilized. Ultimately, we save organizations money and enhance efficiency. With well-planned asset management, we can help improve collaboration between business units and streamline data availability for better customer service.

Comprehensive Asset Management

Two Eight Tech Solutions' primary focus is the management of IT Hardware assets.

  • We handle the discovery and inventory of physical assets. These include hardware such as PCs, laptops, printers, and other such devices used for IT and data management. We track how these IT assets are being used and how they can be optimized.

    We secure digital assets by tracking photos, videos, and other digital data used within and outside of the organization.

    We identify vulnerabilities in mobile assets and enforce appropriate security measures to keep mobile devices and data secure.

Liquidation of Assets

Two Eight Tech Solutions knows how critical it is to keep up with the latest in technology and the steep costs this brings. To help offset these costs, we facilitate the liquidation of functional IT assets. We help resell components and equipment at the highest value possible to provide you greater returns. Moreover, immediate liquidation of decommissioned equipment eliminates additional expenditure on storage costs.

  • Resale of servers, network equipment, and IT related components

  • Targeted resale channels

  • Redeployment of servers & finished goods

  • Spare parts management

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