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Data Center Decommissioning

Proper Data Center Decommissioning is essential when trying to achieve Maximum Value Recovery on Retired IT Assets. Furthermore, Improper Decommissioning can result in Data Breaches and can also Negatively Affect Our Environment. Foxtec Eliminates Those Risks and Minimizes Disruptions in business operations through Well-Defined Decommissioning Processes and Efficient Project Management.

Complete Decommissioning

Two Eight Tech Solutions implements a systematic method for the complete decommissioning of data centers. We employ white glove retrieval and handle data center infrastructure teardown with care. We have an efficient process for decommissioning SANs, blade servers, rack servers, equipment, and infrastructure. We ensure that all decommissioned inventory is properly audited and tracked to monitor chain of custody. The status of all data and equipment can be traced at any time.

Data Destruction

Two Eight Tech Solutions ensures that data is destroyed in a manner that is consistent with client requirements. We offer certified data destruction services that follow strict security protocols to eliminate risks of data leaks.

  • Bulk on-site data destruction services

  • Data destruction solutions for SAN and NAS

  • Erasure of data on magnetic drives for secure reuse of hard drives

  • Bulk shredding of hard drives

Liquidation of Assets

Two Eight Tech Solutions knows how critical it is to keep up with the latest in technology and the steep costs this brings. To help offset these costs, we facilitate the liquidation of functional data center equipment. We help resell components and equipment at the highest value possible to provide you greater returns. Moreover, immediate liquidation of decommissioned equipment eliminates additional expenditure on storage costs.

  • Resale of servers and network equipment

  • Targeted resale channels

  • Redeployment of servers

  • Spare parts management

Green Recycling

Two Eight Tech Solutions has full recycling capabilities with R2 certification bolstered by third-party auditing. We comply with state and local environmental regulations in recycling IT equipment which are no longer functional and cannot be reconditioned. We adhere to secure and environmentally-friendly recycling practices.

  • Sustainable electronics recycling services

  • Fully-compliant processes

  • Certified recycling capabilities

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