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Electronic Recycling

28 Technology SOlutions maintains an efficient recycling process for electronic wastes, ensuring environmental sustainability and strict compliance with state and local regulations.

Efficient Recycling Process

At Two Eight Tech Solutions, we do our utmost to minimize electronic waste. We strive to maintain a Zero Landfill Policy as we carry our mandate for environmental stewardship.

We meticulously go over each electronic component to identify which ones can be resold, reused, and recycled back into the secondary IT market. We test and recondition components for quality control before they are placed in the market again. Components that no longer function and cannot be repaired are sold to local board level repair houses or authorized recyclers.

  • Two Eight Tech Solutions minimizes electronic waste by providing quality, tested and reconditioned computer components to be resold, reused and recycled back in to the secondary I.T. marketplace.

  • Two Eight Tech Solutions markets only functional I.T. systems and parts. All non-functioning/non-repairable items are either sold to local board level repair houses and/or authorized recyclers who maintain the same environmental standards we live by internally

  • Two Eight Tech Solutions does not and will not export any non-functional products to any non-OECD countries directly or through its downstream recycling partners.

  • Two Eight Tech Solutions lives by a zero landfill policy. We hold our recycling partners to disposition reporting on a monthly basis, and we require COD’s (Certificate of Destruction) and/or COR’s (Certificate of Recycling) for all material sent to them.

Commitment to Sustainable Recycling

To stay true to our commitment to sustainable recycling, we partner only with R2 authorized recyclers who uphold the same environmental industry standards.

We hold them accountable by requiring disposition reporting, issuance of Certificates of Destruction (CODs) and Certificates of Recycling (CORs) for all materials processed.

Compliance to Regulations

Two Eight Tech Solutions ensures that its daily operations and recycling practices are compliant with state and local regulations on electronic waste disposal. Our standards of service and processes abide by the policies of all issued certifications.

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