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Surplus Inventory

What We Do

Surplus inventory—when not liquidated—becomes obsolete stock, which results in a large expense on your books. Cash flow is the lifeblood of every company. Selling your excess stock is more lucrative than having it take up crucial space on your shelf. At Two Eight Tech Solutions, we offer three easy and painless solutions for businesses with surplus inventory that they intend to liquidate.

Two Eight Tech Solutions can free up space on your shelf to give you more room for new inventory, prevent high storage costs, obsolete inventory risks, and change in demand. We can sell by individual line item in your inventory, turning your surplus or obsolete components into cash flow for your business.

At Two Eight Tech Solutions, we can also liquidate your entire surplus, end-of-life, or canceled inventory. We will go the extra mile to secure the highest return on your investments. We have the resources to purchase your excess electronic components, enabling you to improve your cash flow, minimize costs of carrying unused materials, and clear your books.

Two Eight Tech Solutions can design a custom Consignment Program that yields the highest possible returns in exchange for your surplus inventory or end-of-life products. We can have your inventory shipped to our warehouse. Once inventoried, we can send you a detailed list of all your products before we share your inventory with our network of electronic component buyers.

The Benefits of Our Surplus Inventory Solutions

  • Deep knowledge of the electronics distribution industry

  • Global network of electronic component buyers

  • Full, transparent report of all the sales generated from your products

  • Custom surplus inventory consignment programs

  • Yields the highest possible return on your inventory investment

Do You Have Excess Inventory Sitting on Your Shelf?

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